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Welcome to my Viral Spark Review and Demo + High Quality Bonuses which you'll receive instantly when you buy Viral Spark through my link on this page. Simply click on any of the buttons you see (in yellow) and you'll be taken through to the sales page for Viral Spark. Upon completing your purchase of Viral Spark, your bonuses from me will appear next to your Viral Spark access page. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

At 11am EST (Eastern Standard Time) on 6th September 2019 to grab Viral Spark during the launch period at the best price you'll ever see. Once the launch is over, Viral Spark will no doubt increase in price gradually.

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So What is Viral Spark About?

Viral Spark is a new software which launched at 11am Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the 6th September 2019. Note: You cannot buy Viral Spark until 11am EST on September 6th 2019. It's a great software but you'll have to wait if you've arrived on this page until we arrive at the correct time of launch.

So what is Viral Spark? Simply put, it's like 6 tools in 1 with a "viral" element as its main selling point!

Viral Spark says it will:

  1. Grow Your Instagram
  2. Grow Your Youtube
  3. Grow Your Twitter
  4. Grow Your Pinterest
  5. Grow Your Email List
  6. Earn You Commissions

All this from sharing one specific link.

In a nutshell, Viral Spark is an automation tool that helps you grow your social media channels as well as your email list. It also includes the ability to earn revenues from Viral Spark itself.

There is a demo of Viral Spark in action which is created by Dan, one of the co-creators/owners of Viral Spark software. You can watch that demo video of Viral Spark just below this text.

It sounds good, but will it live up to those 6 promises?

And it sounds easy to use. Looking at the demo and having a little play by myself, indeed it is.

All you have to do is hook up Viral Spark with your social media channels, which of course are your Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and your Instagram accounts.

Once you've done that, you'll be instructed to follow 9 accounts that Viral Spark gives to you to follow. Sounds simple enough! This action will verify your accounts are hooked up properly and working.

Watch the Viral Spark Demo Here:

Viral Spark Pricing and OTOs Available

Let's take a quick look at the pricing of Viral Spark and the available OTOs. (OTO = One Time Offer)

The "Front End" is of course, Viral Spark software itself. The cost for the basic version of Viral Spark is just $22. As you can see in the graphic below it will

  • Create "Viral" Landing Pages
  • Allow Members to Follow Other Profiles
  • Generates Followers for Your Social Media
  • Presents Self-Liquidating Offers (SLO)
  • Integrates with 1 Social Social Media Platform (Note: You need to buy OTO1 MAX to add 4 social platforms)
  • 500 Followers / 500 Leads
  • Creates a Wave of Traffic
  • Builds Your Email List on Autopilot

If you get OTO1 MAX, for $37, you will be able to access the following features and benefits:

  • All features of "front end" or "basic" software, plus
  • Enhanced Ability to download leads.
  • Integration with 4 Social Media Platforms instead of just 1
  • 1000 followers / 1000 Leads
  • Lead Capture Using Zapier Integration

Viral Spark Pricing and OTOs

OTO2 will set you back another $37 which is the Viral Spark Club and allows unlimited followers and subscribers.

OTO3 will cost you another $67 and is for the "Agency" Licence of Viral Spark which means you'll get to earn 100% commissions across the whole "funnel".

The bare minimum I would go for myself if the $22 front end software and the first OTO1 which allows you to use 4 different social media accounts. I'd also go for the OTO3 agency licence so that I can earn 100% commissions from any sales I make.

Keep in mind these prices will rise once the launch period ends. This is quite normal, as most new products that are launching are discounted during launch phase only and you can get the absolute best deals at this time.

What is Viral Marketing?

You can read this article on WikiPedia which explains what is viral marketing and how it works.




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How to Access Your Custom Bonuses?

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How to Access Your Bonuses

Thanks for reading and watching my Viral Spark Review & Demo. If you're needing any help, simply leave me a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Take it easy!


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