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How to Start an Online Business for Free

It is indeed possible for you to actually start up a profitable online business you can be proud of in 2019 and beyond. But it’s going to take lots of effort. It’s not something that’s ever going to be handed to you on a silver platter, unless of course your parents are Bill and Melinda Gates or something.

Here’s the thing. There are some really bad scams and business models out there on the internet today. I wanted to write a post about how to start an online business for free. It’s possible to do in this day and age because of the internet.

It is indeed possible for you to actually start up a profitable online business you can be proud of in 2019 and beyond. But it’s going to take lots of effort. It’s not something that’s ever going to be handed to you on a silver platter, unless of course your parents are Bill and Melinda Gates or something.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do right now if you want to get up and running as an online entrepreneur.

But first, let’s get your mindset right before we begin, shall we?

How to Start an Online Business for Free Today

I’ll tell you what to expect first. I don’t want you to waste your time and effort just to fail miserably.

I want to set you up with maximum chances of success. So get ready!

Creating any type of business, whether online or offline, is usually really hard work. You’ll put in a lot of hours in the beginning to get the ball rolling. You’ll get frustrated and you’ll maybe want to throw in the towel. In the beginning you cannot expect even to get paid much if anything at all. You’ve got to accept that it’s a real online business we’re talking about and you’re going to have to work for free for a while.

However, this isn’t so bad a thing.

I want you to picture yourself starting an offline business, say a store of some kind. How much is the rent going to be and how much for equipment and stock?

And then how about the utility bills? How much is an accountant going to cost? It all adds up.

I’ve never started an offline business before, and I’m pretty sure I never want to even try. It’s too expensive and way too stressful.

Now picture another scenario.

Let’s imagine we can start helping people online to solve their problems. Now stick with me, because the business model we’re going to look at is affiliate marketing.


So What is Affiliate Marketing About?

It’s not so scary as it sounds.

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending stuff to people and they buy. When they buy something you will get a commission.

Have you ever searched online for a review of a product you’re looking to buy?

Most people do look for reviews of something if they’re going to buy from somewhere like Amazon.

Bloggers write reviews on their own websites. These reviews are called “blog posts“.

Bloggers create content for the internet make money with their blogging.


Screenshot of a google search results page



Most Affiliate Programs are Free to Join

There are millions of products you can buy at But Amazon isn’t the only place you can buy something online. There are gazillions of other places as well. There are places online that only sell digital products, for example. Somewhere like JVZoo or Warrior+ or even Clickbank, to name a few.

So when you want to sell other people’s products as an affiliate you need to join what’s called an “affiliate program”.

Amazon has an affiliate program you can join and it’s free.

Now let’s say you are a photography fan and you create a website all about photography. You could recommend all kinds of camera gear on that website by writing reviews like the one in the image above.

You could also make Youtube videos and link to your website in the description below the video. People click on the link and visit your website to read your awesome camera review and if they like the camera because of what you’ve said about it, they’ll click on a special link provided to you by Amazon and buy the camera.

You can even add your affiliate link in the description below your Youtube video. It’s better to have yourself a website, however. Your website is the central “hub” of your online business. Your Youtube channel technically doesn’t belong to you and you could have it taken away at any time. A website you own is the way to go.


BOOOM, You Just Made Money Online

All you did to make money was to recommend something and people will buy.

So how do you get started with an online business like this for free today?

Well, there’s some things you need to consider first. You need a website and you need training. There’s also a few tools that’ll help you with your biz.


Here’s How to Start an Online Business for FREE Right Here and Right Now

But I have a solution that will cover all those necessities. Yes, you can start your business for free. But keep in mind that you will want to actually spend some money on your business sooner or later.

You must be prepared to invest in your business tools and in yourself in terms of training on how to do all this online stuff. I can’t go through all the training that’s required here in this post so I will just let the masters who taught me do the teaching and provide you with the tools.

Are you ready and able to work for yourself as an entrepreneur? Ready to start a business for free?

By the way, affiliate marketers are making billions of dollars a year online. Amazon makes billions every year. I know you might be wondering “can you really make money online?”. The answer to that one is “Do people buy things online?”

As a blogger you can make $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month, or much more. But you have to start from zero. We all do. Are you up for it?

Enough said.

The process to earn online with your own business is best explained in just 4 steps.


The 4 Step Process to Make Money Online

In step one we have to decide on what niche we want to focus on. This is vital. You can’t start a website and blog about random stuff from dog food to remote control nano drones. Choose a niche you love and stick to it.

In step two you have to build the site and write content. This will help you to get to step 3, which is where visitors come to your website.

And in the final step 4, some of your visitors will buy something from your site. Obviously not all visitors are going to buy something and not all visitors can. But if you’re getting 1000 visitors a day to your website and you only get 1% of them to buy, you’re making money. Depending on what you’re selling (promoting), you can potentially make a shed load of cash.

That would be super nice, wouldn’t it?

4 Step Process to make money online


And that is all it takes really. So if you’re wanting some free training and tools to help you start here’s your chance.


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