Social Video Adz Review & Demo Plus 30 Huge Bonuses

Welcome to my Social Video Adz review and demo plus 30 huge bonuses that I'm throwing in for purchasing through this page on my site.

There's a list of all my bonuses if you scroll down past this review.

In this review and demo of Social Video Adz you'll discover how this training on paid social media advertising can help you and your business reach the next level.

Social Video Adz Review Summary

Product Name:

Social Video Adz

Product Type:

Step by Step Paid Advertising Training Course (Video Training)




Social Video Adz trains you how to successfully do Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube paid advertising starting with a budget as small as $2 per day before showing you how you can scale up once you've found a winning formula.

Social Video Adz Review

Are There Any OTOs (Upsells) for Social Video Adz?

Yes. As with many products these days, including products such as McDonald's and Burger King, there are always upsells to entice you into spending more.

These are not "essential" but they will help you accomplish success faster. Here's a snapshot of what I found in the Social Video Adz OTOs and upsells.

Social Video Adz OTOs and Upsells

OTO1 - Conversion Masters @ $47

Extensive training on how to convert all the traffic from the social video adz into leads and sales. The front end Social Video Adz teaches how to drive traffic and conversion masters teaches the best strategies on converting that traffic for the best ROI (return on investment)


40% of buyers take this offer and they still have customers paying us from 5 years ago after using this same OTO with PressCable.


OTO2 - Video Extreme @ $67

Video Extreme walks you through the exact steps to profit from other people's proven products - just like Ryan did with Local Video Academy PLUS a full detail walk-through from an actual student that followed all of this training and is currently generating over $14,954 a month with his business.

OTO3 - Social Video Adz Marketing Alumni (White Label) @ $97

Gain the rights to sell Social Video Adz as your own product. Social Video Adz Marketing Alumni with Certificate of Completion - Squeeze Page/Lead Magnet, Video Adz sales funnel and video ads to use right away to sell for 100% profit for you.

What problem does social video adz solve

With Social Video Adz training you'll benefit from-

  • Unleash the FULL power of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn for traffic on demand...
  • EFFORTLESSLY bank recurring profits from clients LINING up to pay for your services...
  • Spend less to make more: effortlessly scale even with a TINY ad budget...
  • Explode your list, personal product sales & long term profits...
  • COPY the secrets of 7 figure marketers that use these methods EVERY DAY...
  • Crush your competition and dominate ANY niche for unfair profits...


All of this is covered by a 'no-questions asked' 30 day money-back guarantee

There are basically only two types of traffic on the internet that you can go after to get people to your website or offers.

FREE TRAFFIC is the type of traffic that takes a long time to master and scale up, such as SEO and free social media channels. Although FREE is actually for no cost financially speaking, there is actually a cost to you.

That is the cost in TIME and EFFORT! Yes, it doesn't cost you in dollars, but it does cost you your time, effort, and more often than not, frustration.


PAID TRAFFIC, however, is where you pay money to get traffic to your offers. The benefit with paid traffic is that it's practically INSTANT traffic on demand. Like a tap you turn it on and off at will.

You will often "pay per click" when spending money on paid traffic. This cost can be anywhere from a cent or two and up, depending where you're buying traffic from.

You have to know how to go about getting paid traffic to your offers otherwise you'll be spending more than you're making.

You don't want that, do you?

Enter Social Video Adz...

What is Social Video Adz About?

Social Video Adz will teach you how to drive traffic with paid social media video ads and you can start off really small. We're talking $2 per day to begin with.

Once you nail an ad that sells and makes you back more than you spent on the ad, that's when you're in the money.

If you could spend $1 right now and make back $2, $3, or much more than the initial dollar, would you do it?

Of course you would. It's like putting a dollar into a slot machine and the machine spits out $2 back at you. Most people would do it all day if it worked. Paid traffic works like that. As long as you get back more than you put in initially, you're gonna be on to a winner.

That's what Social Video Adz teaches you to do. Starting off small is the best strategy with any type of paid advertising so that you don't lose a ton of money in the process.

Once you've learned which ads make you money, then it's time to scale up by throwing more money into the same ads.

Sounds simple enough, but it's easier said than done!

Which Social Media Platforms Does Social Video Adz Cover?

You'll learn how to create and scale Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube Ads and LinkedIn ads. Just for the record, there's not a lot of LinkedIn ads training out there on the internet. LinkedIn is great for business-to-business advertising and you'll have great results if you learn this type of paid advertising.

Here's a quick video demo of what's inside of Social Video Adz once you've got yourself in to the training itself.

If You Don't Want to Watch the Video Here's The Transcript:

Hey there, Ryan Phillips here and welcome to this demo video where I show you inside of Social Video Adz

Inside of Social Video Adz you're going to learn how to drive traffic with Facebook video ads,  YouTube video ads, Instagram video ads, LinkedIn video ads and you going to learn how to do this for your own business if you have your own products to sell and also for local businesses if you want to do Facebook ads or YouTube ads for local clients.

So let me show you inside the first class. The first class is the Facebook ads masterclass now you can see if I fast forward on here, we show you over the shoulder at step-by-step so this is completely beginner-friendly.

You’re going to learn exactly how to set up Facebook ads in order to get leads and to get sales.

Now, the second part of this is a bonus Facebook ads training with Frank Kern’s media buyer. This guy spends millions of dollars per month in ad spend but inside of this training he shows you how to start with as little as a few dollars per day.

And again he shows you step-by-step exactly how to set up the ad, how to create the video, how to do the targeting so you can follow along over the shoulder.

The second module is on YouTube video ads. Now this is what I show you how to set up YouTube video ads in order to get leads and sales now I break down exactly how to create the video ad script on the video.

I also show you exactly step by step how to set up these ads inside of YouTube. So again from being a complete beginner you can actually implement this and get very very very cheap views, leads, and sales.

The third section of Social Video Adz is how to set up ads with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is great for business-to-business and again inside of this training we show you step-by-step so you can follow along over-the-shoulder.

No one is teaching LinkedIn video ads and you'll get a get access to the training that's going to teach you how to do them via this course.

And last but not least, the 4th core module in Social Video Adz is how to do Facebook ads for local clients and we have one of their coaches who actually owns a $30,000 per month agency.

He shows you exactly step by step how to create the video ad and how to set up the video ad to get tons of leads and sales for local businesses.

And again, I want to stress two things.

Number one, this is follow along over-the-shoulder step by step simple so anyone can do this regardless of experience.

The second thing that I want to show you is that this training gets results. Here you can have a look at the traffic and sales that we've generated using video ads.

You can see here the video ad spend was $12.20 and we generated $2,991 back.

Down here in Facebook we spent $7,400 and generated $61,000 back.

Down here we spent $66,000 in Youtube ads and generated $135,000 back.

Back into Facebook we spent $2,000 on video ads and generated $18,000 back.

Okay $26 ad spend and $4,900 back in sales. And the results keep going and going $600 in video ad spend on Facebook $3,000 back.

We're going to show you exactly how to do this step by step inside of Social Video Adz and what I want to stress also before we close out this demo video is that you can get started for as little as $2 per day.

We only scale up our campaigns when we’re making a positive ROI, so if we're spending $10 in a day and making more money back in profit that's when we scale up.

So you can start with a very low ad spend and this literally is the difference that makes a difference when looking at creating a successful online business.

We need to learn how to drive traffic that's going to convert and that traffic that we going to drive has to be targeted and cheap to buy.

This is Ryan Phillips signing out, make sure you check out the rest of the information on this page and I look forward to seeing you inside of Social Video Adz.

Who is Social Video Adz for?

The Social Video Adz training is for anyone who is tired of trying to drive enough free traffic to their websites, their products, their affiliate offers or their signup pages. If you're frustrated with SEO, free social media strategies that aren't working, or just want to accelerate the growth of your business, then Social Video Ads is perfect for you.

It's probably NOT for you if you don't have a budget of at least $2 per day to spend on your ad campaigns.

Social Video Adz covers Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads and LinkedIn ads. If you're not comfortable with any of these platforms, you might not like this Social Video Adz training.

How to Get Access to Social Video Adz Training?

Click on any of the red buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a signup page for a webinar (which is free, of course)...then you'll have the chance to buy Social Video Adz through a special link in the webinar for $37.

Social Video Adz Review

Social Video Adz Conclusion

If you're tired of struggling with getting free targeted traffic to your offers then Social Video Adz is for you.

Social Video Adz Plus Bonuses

Social Video Adz Review

Get Social Video Adz Training & Start Driving Cheap, Highly Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Social Video Adz Review Summary

Product Name:

Social Video Adz

Product Type:

Step by Step Paid Advertising Training Course (Video Training)




Social Video Adz trains you how to successfully do Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube paid video advertising starting with a budget as small as $2 per day before showing you how you can scale up once you've found a winning formula.

I'm particularly excited that Frank Kern's media buyer is doing one of the training videos all about Facebook ads. Gold dust guaranteed right there!

BY JIM WRIGHT, 23 September, 2019 11:00 AM

Social Video Adz Bonuses from Jim

To qualify for these bonuses click on the big red button before the countdown expires. I can't guarantee they'll still be available after the clock has stopped counting down.

30 bonuses in total and they're all priceless. No-Brainer deal!

How to claim your bonuses.

Once you purchase your copy of Social Video Adz you'll see a receipt inside of your JVZoo account. Look at the image below and you'll see a blue button at the bottom where you can access all of my bonuses.

How to Get Your Bonuses After Purchasing Today

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